Sustainability is the Future
Act. Do not wait for it to happen. Make it happen.
Commit to Sustainable Growth
"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today." --Abraham Lincoln
Take a Stand Against Waste & Pollution
We probably cannot change the world. But together, we can certainly make a difference.

What We Do

Mettle Impact focuses exclusively on sustainable entrepreneurship in West Africa. We find, develop, and invest in impact-driven startups and SMEs with solutions that create jobs, raise awareness and build capacity while contributing to environmental sustainability. Our primary sectors of interest align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. 

We believe that integrating sustainable practices into the core and day-to-day business activities and governance is key to achieving continued growth and development. By addressing systemic challenges that many industry sectors face, companies can increasingly engage in relevant partnerships across the value chain, within their sector or with private and public stakeholders.

For our pilot project, we are addressing Pollution and Environmental Sustainability. Primarily, we are challenging Nigerian Communities and Entrepreneurs to come up with solutions to problems they face. Learn more about our pilot project: The Mettle Impact Pollution and Sustainability Challenge:

How We Do It

We believe that the time is long overdue, for debating about initiatives that are necessary for our livelihoods. The time to act, was yesterday. Beyond doubt, we know that Africa’s success, and socio-economic development and growth, is dependent on the sustainability of processes across industry sectors. In establishing Mettle Impact, we seek to find sustainable solutions to business problems in Nigeria and beyond.

Awareness & Capacity Building

We believe that active participation and sustainability across industry and business processes is a necessity to eliminate extreme poverty, increase sustainable financial returns, improve health and livelihoods, and mitigate environmental degradation.

The first step to solving a problem, is in accepting that it exists. Our programs are set up to educate people and communities about the challenges and their adverse effects. But we do not stop at awareness. We work to actively translate that awareness into action, by getting people to change the behaviors that facilitates the problems or act on their beliefs.

In building capacity, we work with community leaders, schools, organizations and stakeholders in developing and strengthening the skills, expertise, processes and resources that we all need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world. We do this by leveraging our expertise to provide cutting-edge training that is adapted to the local context. We also host engaging and relevant seminars, workshops and projects that actively addresses the challenges.

Building Sustainable Growth Companies

We are committed to building world-class and cross-sectoral companies, SMEs and Startups that modernize the African economy while accelerating socio-economic and environmental growth and sustainability.

The companies we build are specific and uncompromising in their quest to drive change. We are primarily interested in impact driven companies that are focused on finding sustainable solutions across value chains that creates employment, reduces waste and pollution and is CO2 negative or neutral.

We believe that by integrating sustainable practices into the core day-to-day business activities and governance is key to achieving continued growth and development.

We begin by engaging in a rigorous search for opportunities and companies that came make an enduring social impact. We then proceed to the conceptualization phase where we focus on feasibility, validation, business planning, and execution.

Why We Do It

Our Mission

To build the future we deserve by shaping and scaling outstanding enterprises that provide sustainable solutions to some of the most challenging problems we face in Nigeria and West Africa.

Our Vision

To positively transform the way we think about sustainability and become a leading platform for socially responsible initiatives and maintainable return on investments across industry sectors.

Our Values

  • Be a Part of the Solution
  • Focus on Sustainable Growth
  • Sustainability is financially profitable
  • Respect for others and the Environment
  • Commitment to Social Justice and Equity

Our Distinction

We are exclusively focused on building sustainable businesses with zero or net positive impact on the environment without compromise. By bringing together an extensive pool of experts, we accompany companies through targeted workshops to systematically envision, conceptualize, execute and scale models and processes to generate significant social impact and sustainable financial returns. We focus on creating value for all stakeholders – community, investors, employees, and customers.

Our Execution

We execute pilot projects to find Entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Startups with sustainable solutions to local challenges. We test and validate their business model and develop a foolproof solution that can be scaled locally. We will accompany each company by appointing a diverse and professional board to ensure best practices, governance and compliance with targets and objectives. We will undertake an active role in forming partnerships, securing long-term commercial agreements and expanding our professional network to mitigate risks and ensure smooth running and support of local operations. By monitoring the progress of companies established from the program, we periodically measure and report on the social impact on critical stakeholders, such as the investors, communities, employees, and consumers. The board and management team will continuously modify and improve the business concepts based on the evolving local market and from intelligence gathered during the pilot to develop a proven solution for scaling up.